RJWorld eConference, August 22 – 31, 2020: Robbie Robidoux & Wayne Northey

RJWorld eConference, August 22 – 31, 2020: Robbie Robidoux & Wayne Northey

RJ World 2020 is a 10-day online showcase of more than 100 inspiring presenters from around the world – facilitators / practitioners / teachers / researchers / artists – who are passionate about sharing insights and ideas in the realm of restorative justice and restorative practices in all sectors.


WN: After my friend Robbie Robidoux watched David Milgaard and me on a Zoom presentation for this Conference, we decided to do one together as well!

Robbie has a riveting story to tell. We discuss as well the criminal justice system as a scapegoat mechanism in light of his story; in light too of René Girard‘s scapegoating theory, and application of Girard’s theory in this publication by my friend and Girardian scholar, Professor Vern Redekop: Scapegoats, the Bible, and Criminal Justice: Interacting with René Girard.

The Conference is an event for workers, volunteers, and those interested anywhere in the Restorative/Transformative Justice/Justice fields. It draws presenters from all over the world.

For general information please click on: RJWorld eConference

The video to be presented at the Conference may be shown now, but one must sign up for the Conference by August 22, 2020, at $50USD/person, to view our webpage. Now for the video, done over Zoom:

Life Under the Bomb Means a Life of Resistance

Published on Thursday, August 06, 2020 by Common Dreams by Rev. John Dear photo above: "Our message over the years has been simple and urgent: Nuclear weapons have totally failed us. They don’t make us safer; they don’t provide jobs; they don’t make us more secure—these are age-old lies. Instead they bankrupt us, economically and spiritually." (Photo: Courtesy of Rev. John Dear) WN: This piece is profoundly humbling--and moving. In George Yancy: To Be Black…

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Wayne Northey

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