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Eden, Evil and the Surprising Message of ‘Wonder Woman’

The unnoticed parallels between Diana’s upbringing and the average Christian’s


WN: The link to the article below about the values of Wonder Woman in a Christian light is great – and well-written. However, my daughter points out the glaring discrepancy between the character Gal Godot plays and her real-life participation in and support of brutal oppression of Palestinians.

As Affinity writerGal Gadot Is a Zionist, But White Feminists Choose To Not Care“:

How can you praise the new Wonder Woman movie when she is being played by someone who condones the horrible crimes committed by Israel for years? How can the new Wonder Woman be someone who dedicated a portion of her life to serving in that military, which goes against the character’s values and beliefs?

We cannot keep letting people who support oppression be given roles and platforms in our society. Educate yourself and learn about how women of different races, religions, sexual orientations, etc. are negatively affected around the world. Let go of the idea that only white women or women living in the west face oppression. Stop supporting women who hold bigoted beliefs just because they’re women. Feminism isn’t about supporting all women; it’s about creating equality among all women and men.

an excerpt:

Perhaps you’ve met a similar fate if you’ve ever fostered a deep love for humanity. You become a pastor, a teacher, a parent, a counselor or even just a friend, believing in your heart that you can help someone else achieve great things. Next thing you know, these very same people are reaching for your throat.

In his 1996 essay The Glory of His Discontent, Don Hudson draws a sharp line between Eden and Heaven or, as he puts it: innocence and redemption. Eden is a place of innocence—perfect in the sense that it has no concept of evil. Heaven is a place of redemption—perfect in the sense that it has a very clear concept of evil, and has overcome it.

The trick for us, he says, is to live between the two. We are not in Eden, as much as we might like to be. We have to be aware of evil. But we also are not in Heaven. We have not overcome evil. We must learn the practice of holy discontent. “Living back in Eden or ahead in Heaven is ultimately an unreal life that saps the passion from our lives,” he writes. “This theology makes us content and calls us to nothingness.” Instead, we must learn to be the sort of person who “is discontent” and “desperately seeks to join God in redeeming a tragic world, not dismissing a tragic world.”

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