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The US media and public seem to suffer from collective amnesia.

But it's exponentially worse than

image above: Trump Kyle Rittenhouse Award

WN: My only quibble with this pointed article: the author only calls the Iraq War to take the stand as evidence. Whereas this website abounds in accounts of such incidents that predate the American War of Independence, and ever since!

No: the US media and public do not  seem to suffer from collective amnesia. It is in the very warp and woof, the very stuff of the conceptual range of what the word America, or the words The United States of America, mean to Americans. It is a mass indoctrination so profoundly successful, beyond everything similar one can imagine of the brainwashing undertaken by Communists past or present; far outstripping arguably any other nation in history in its inculcation/injection into the entire Body Politic of all historical eras . . . AN ULTIMATE BIG LIE about itself.

It is arguably the all-time greatest instance of direct inversion by a nation of the philosophical ideal: Know Thyself.


Last  night while watching Alex Wagner’s program on MSNBC she brought up whether Russia should be kicked off the permanent UN Security Council over war crimes … okay I agree with that, but what about the US? The US and the UK COMMITTED WAR CRIMES during the Iraq war. War crimes that we NEVER paid for or even seem to acknowledge now. If Russia should lose their seat, shouldn’t the US? After all, we launched an unjustified, deadly and destructive war against a country six thousand miles from our borders in 2003.

Here’s a quick review of US and UK  War Crimes and remember, TORTURE was given the a-okay by our government:…

We act as if the Iraq War never happened. The US and western media seem to forget that less than 20 years ago the US and its allies attacked Iraq based on lies.

We killed MORE civilians by the UN’s count in two months than the Russians have killed in Ukraine in six months, we dropped cluster bombs, used white phosphorus, TORTURED PRISONERS, imprisoned children, bombed maternity hospitals, schools, restaurants, apartment buildings and all with very little accountability or ramifications.

In short, we act as if our shit doesn’t stink!

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