It’s not checking tyranny. It’s installing the tyranny of the minority.Laurence Tribe

Do you consider the Supreme Court to be in crisis now?

Laurence Tribe

Yes. I have no doubt that the court is at a point that is far more dangerous and damaging to the country than at any other point, probably, since Dred Scott. And, in a way, because we even find Justice [Clarence] Thomas going back and citing Dred Scott favorably in his opinion on firearms, the court is dragging the country back into a terrible, terrible time. So I think that it’s never been in greater danger or more dangerous.

I think we’re getting closer to the point where there is no outside independent force to call us to a halt. And that’s quite scary.Laurence Tribe

And when you look back, the consequence of Clarence Thomas is Bush v. Gore. And the consequence of Bush v. Gore is the appointment, by George W. Bush, of [John] Roberts and [Samuel] Alito. So that led to a court in which there are now five members who clearly have an agenda and whose agenda is very prominent and activist. And when they’ve got the votes, they don’t even care if they have the reasoning.

Expanding the court seems to be about the only thing one could do . . . It would rather show that our system can respond when one of its parts runs wild and goes rogue.Laurence Tribe

The entire society has been built — the equality not yet realized of women is predicated on — the idea that women cannot be used as, you know, breeders — forced labor as a form of involuntary servitude. And to suddenly rip that out suggests that if that can be overruled just on the ground that, well, we’ve got the votes now, then anything can be overruled.

You know, I struggle to be optimistic, but sometimes the struggle doesn’t quite make it. I mean, we’re clearly heading to a cliff. I’m not prepared to say that we’re going to go over that cliff . . .

The above video, raw and uncouth as it is, urgently calls attention to the same deeply contemplated concerns as Laurence Tribe.