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He planned to blow up a mosque, but found salvation there instead

Oscar-nominated doc Stranger at the Gate shows 'the power of kindness and compassion'

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Sheena Goodyear CBC Radio

Posted: Feb 10, 2023

image above: When Richard (Mac) McKinney first visited a mosque in Muncie, Ind., he was planning to blow it up. But instead of shunning him, the mosque leaders welcomed him, and changed the course of his life. (Smartypants Brooklyn)

WN: There is much on this website about Islamophobia, xenophobia, and racism. By clicking on the preceding, you will see some of it, that you may also click on.

The article highlighted is truly wonderful, delightful, and hopeful. May the documentary win an Oscar!

Truly, like Zacchaeus, salvation came to this man and his house! Amen.

Please click on the highlighted below for a 21-minute interview on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Network). Then further below, you may watch the trailer and the film itself.


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