June 16, 2016 Editor

Finding your calling for the ‘third third’ of your life

by Paul Stevens • June 16, 2016

an excerpt:

There is no question that we have a population bulge in the seniors group that, on the population charts, is like an awkwardly large animal going through the long neck of a snake.

In the late Middle Ages those who survived to 20 could on average live to around 50. In 1992, 12 percent of the U.S. population – something over 30 million people – were over 65. By the best estimate, 18 percent of us will be that old by 2020. By 2040 one out of four North Americans will be 65 or over. . . .

Baby boomers have delayed growing up, delayed marriage, delayed childbearing, delayed saving for retirement, and almost certainly are delaying retirement, sometimes for financial reasons. So what some have called the “second half” of life, roughly when one turns 50 (how many people do you know who are 100?), there is now what Walter Wright and others call the “third third.”

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