August 3, 2016 Editor

Marc Maron Speaks on the Rush of Shameless Hate Motivating Trump Voters

Wednesday, 03 August 2016 10:48


photo above: Marc Maron

Regarding the election, “I can’t understand what the decision is to vote for a man like that. Look if you don’t want to vote, fine. I suggest you vote. If you don’t like Hillary, fine. But whatever you got to do, I’m just dealing with this one thing. What is it? Why vote for Trump? What is the defense? Here’s why people vote for Trump: ‘Fuck It!’ ‘Fuck It All!’ That’s got to be the rationale. It’s a ‘Fuck it All’ vote. And when you say why you voting for Trump? The answer is ‘Fuck You!’ So its ‘Fuck It All! Fuck You!’ That should be the campaign slogan in a way, because it is the counterpart, the perfect counterpart to an opioid high.

“What is compelling about engaging with his vision is that it’s a rush. It’s a rush of shameless hate; it’s a hit of arrogant ignorance; it’s the satisfaction in moments of empty victory; it is the nihilistic intensity of potential chaotic upheaval and destruction. I mean there’s no other way to look at it. There’s no foresight. There’s no vision of the future. There isn’t.

“It’s the possible annihilation of all progress with no real plan. It’s the elation from the fantasy of complete moral bankruptcy. It’s the possibility, and I believe this and I know some of you people who are my fans and who listen to the show are conservatives, you’re Republicans and you know in your heart this isn’t the guy. You know it. You may not like her and that may be driving you, and I get that.

“But what it is, what is really at the heart of people that are passionate about Trump winning is it is the possibility of evil winning. And I’m not talking about winning an election. I’m talking about the eternal struggle, and maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but I don’t think Trump is Hitler at all. I think he [is] fucking Satan.

“And I know you rational conservatives and you rational Republicans, I know you know. And I know you are banking on the idea that, you know, he will be schooled, he will be harnessed, he will be held hostage in the Oval Office and it will be okay. I know it. And I know a lot of people, a lot of intelligent people, men specifically, I know, I know, it’s hard man. You just want to see that woman lose. It’s hard for a lot of men who are secretly infantile, who feel cheated, who have issues with their mommies or with their daddies.

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