May 17, 2016 Editor

Trump Card: The Bully Who Exposes Our Bully Nation

By Charles Derber and Yale Magrass

photo above: by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

WN: There is much on this website about America’s–and the West’s concomitant–“militarized capitalism.” None of it is good news . . .

an excerpt:

The mainstream media and party establishments say, “Isn’t it terrible that Trump is such a bully?” Many ordinary people say the same thing. But the truth is that Trump’s bullying is a deep part of US culture. If we look honestly in the mirror, we will likely see some reflection of Trump. This is especially true of the political and media establishments, who present themselves as being civil and anything but bullies.

The inconvenient truth is that bullying is embedded in our culture, our governing elites and our most powerful institutions: the military, the corporation and the state. Whatever our personal values, we all live in a bullying society — militarized capitalism — and must learn to play by its rules.

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