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Jamaal Bowman Explains How Progressives Will Make Biden’s Presidency Even Bolder

In response to the president’s address and in an exclusive interview with The Nation, the new congressman calls for transformative change.

FILE - This June 23, 2020 file photo shows Jamaal Bowman speaking to attendees during his primary-night party. The former middle school principal has toppled 16-term U.S. Rep. Eliot Engel in New York’s Democratic congressional primary. Many votes cast by mail in the race have yet to be counted, but an AP analysis of absentee ballots returned so far indicated Friday, July 17,  that Bowman’s lead was too large for Engel to overcome. (AP Photo/Eduardo Munoz Alvarez, FIle)
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By John Nichols

April 29, 2021

photo above: yourbasin.com; Jamaal Bowman topples US Rep. Engel in NY Democratic Primary

WN: Go for it, Mr. Bowman! For the U.S. For the world!


The most compelling response to President Biden’s first address to a joint session of Congress was not the ably enough delivered yet largely predictable recitation of Republican talking points by South Carolina Senator Tim Scott.

The most compelling response of the night was the appeal by a progressive who celebrated what was big and bold about Biden’s message, but who did not hesitate to say that the president and the Democratic Party must do much, much more “to meet the gravity of the moment.”

“We are capable of big, powerful, transformative change,” declared Representative Jamaal Bowman, the New York Democrat who responded on behalf of the Working Families Party.

Bowman put the moment in perspective for progressives, speaking not just about what has been done in the president’s first 100 days but also what must be done in the days to come.

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