February 9, 2017 Editor

Trump travel ban hits major setback after judges uphold temporary restraining order

Complete victory’: attorney general celebrates Trump travel ban verdict

Judges upheld order issued last week to prevent 90-day travel ban from seven Muslim-majority countries and 120-day freeze on US admission of any refugees

WN: One could only wish, of course, that Trump with his entire cabinet appointees and administration would now crawl back into all their tragic respective hell-holes whence they came. But the all-engulfing hell-hole from which they all emerged is American Exceptionalism, and that world-engulfing supremely evil scourge will not be laid to rest with the removal of any one federal administration, not in four years or a century; having found initial horrific expression at the very founding of America with its twin original sins of mass indigenous genocide and slavery, and ever since.

However, given Trump’s love of lawsuits threatened against so many challengers over a lifetime, may the current administration (ironically) become mired in an endless torrent of lawsuits against it – as in biblical justice rolling down like a never-ending stream! – until all Trump’s minions will be forced to spend all their time fighting them, and not enacting any of the gargantuan evil they plan to foist upon the planet’s body politic and endangered environment.

an excerpt:

The judges’ ruling was also scathing in parts, essentially calling into question the government’s credibility.

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