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Thousands of Mental Health Professionals Agree With Woodward and the New York Times Op-ed Author: Trump Is Dangerous

My current concern is that we are already witnessing a further unraveling of the president’s mental state, especially as the frequency of his lying increases and the fervor of his rallies intensifies


WN: The article highlighted below, and previous posts about Trump’s clear and present danger, speak for themselves. Trump beyond doubt is Planet Enemy Number One! Put more bluntly, in terms of life and death issues, Trump is the most dangerous person alive. Not obviously because he is worse in murderous deeds than Mob leaders and any number of crime syndicate bosses. To my knowledge, Hitler did no violent acts against anyone, and even loved his dog… (I stand to be corrected.) But Hitler masterminded and deployed a war machine that made him at the time the most dangerous person alive.

Trump as currently The Supremely Dangerous Human is due to access to the Doomsday Arsenal of the United States that can obliterate all life on the Planet many times over. Trump walking down Fifth Avenue one day and shooting a person without consequence is not what we are potentially facing; rather Trump walking into the Oval Office one day before his first coffee and launching Nuclear Holocaust — firing off the Biggest Guns of All — and all consequences for all humanity obliterated.

Trump is also The Supremely Laughable Human Being worthy of top billing in any circus in the world. If he were only a laughing matter and he were only The Supreme Joke, The Supreme Buffoon in the circus or on stage, all would be well… And I at least wouldn’t waste my money on the ticket. Tragically, everyone in the world has been handed a free ticket and he is larger-than-all-lives on the World Stage, with humanity forced to take in the Show1.


The Woodward book and the New York Times op-ed confirm many of these characteristics. The rest have been evident in Trump’s behavior outside the White House and prior to his tenure.

Trump Imperils the Planet (Enzo Pérès-Labourdette)

That the president has met not just some but all these criteria should be reason for alarm.

Other ways in which a president could be dangerous are through cognitive symptoms or lapses, since functions such as reasoning, memory, attention, language and learning are critical to the duties of a president. He has exhibited signs of decline here, too.

Furthermore, when someone displays a propensity for large-scale violence, such as by advocating violence against protesters or immigrant families, calling perpetrators of violence such as white supremacists “very fine people” or showing oneself vulnerable to manipulation by hostile foreign powers, then these things can promote a much more widespread culture of violence.

From my observations of the president over extended time via his public presentations, direct thoughts through tweets and accounts of his close associates, I believe that the question is not whether he will look for distractions, but how soon and to what degree.

At least several thousands of mental health professionals who are members of the National Coalition of Concerned Mental Health Experts share the view that the nuclear launch codes should not be in the hands of someone who exhibits such levels of mental instability.

Just as suspicion of crime should lead to an investigation, the severity of impairment that we see should lead to an evaluation, preferably with the president’s consent.

Mental impairment should be evaluated independently from criminal investigations, using medical criteria and standardized measures. A sitting president may be immune to indictments, but he is subject to the law, which is strict about public safety and the right to treatment when an individual poses a danger to the public because of mental instability. In the case of danger, the patient does not have the right to refuse, nor does the physician have the right not to take the person as a patient.

This evaluation may have been delayed, but it is still not too late. And mental health professionals have extensive experience assessing, restraining and treating individuals much like Trump – it is almost routine.

Please click on: Trump Is Dangerous

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  1. A much more vicious assessment of Trump, though accurate according to The Guardian, by political consultant to the Republicans, Rick Wilson, is discussed in “Everything Trump Touches Dies review: a poison dart in the neck of the Republican monster“. We read:

    The Republican political consultant Rick Wilson has filled his new book with more unvarnished truths about Donald Trump than anyone else in the American political establishment has offered. Wilson never holds back. That is especially refreshing at a moment when so many mainstream journalists still feel compelled to be “fair” to our psychotic president – and so few Democratic officeholders have called for the impeachment that Trump so richly deserves. A few examples of Wilson’s eviscerations: “Everything about Trump’s opening speech was moral poison to anyone who believed in any part of the American dream. Everything about his nationalist hucksterism smelled like … a knock on the door of authoritarian statism.”

    Please also see: “Fear review: Bob Woodward’s dragnet descends on Donald Trump“. We read:

    Having promised that his administration would be staffed by “the best people”, Trump has made the White House a school for scandal. Fear recounts the downfall of Rob Porter, Trump’s wife-beating staff secretary, and Mike Flynn, Trump’s first national security adviser who pleaded guilty in the Mueller investigation. As Woodward frames things, “Trump had one overriding problem” that his personal lawyer, John Dowd, an ex-marine, “knew but could not bring himself to say to the president: ‘You’re a fucking liar.’”

    Sadly, that should be the only epithet on his tombstone, one that sums up his life…


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