September 30, 2016 Editor

Donald Trump Is a Worse Crook Than Bernie Madoff

Madoff only scammed his rich clients. Trump could scam us all.

By Nomi Prins

September 29, 2016

photo above: Gage Skidmore

an excerpt:

Trump vs. Madoff, The Scorecard

  1. Trump is much richer than Madoff ever was, though we have no idea by how much. Forbes puts his wealth at $3.7 billion. Trump says it’s $10 billion. (Compared to just under a billion for Madoff.)

  2. Madoff took advantage of individuals. Trump extracted tax breaks from entire cities.

  3. Madoff broke the law and got caught. He’s in jail. As a felon, he can’t even vote in this election. Trump may have broken the law, and has bragged about paying people off, but now deflects everything and is running for president.

  4. Trump forced poor people from their homes and onto the street. Madoff ripped off customers who were predominantly financially well-off to begin with.

  5. In 2007, while Madoff was enjoying himself at Mar-a-Lago Country Club, Trump’s premier Palm Beach hotel, The Donald racked up $120,000 in unpaid fines to that city. In exchange for a$100,000 donation to a veterans’ charity, the city agreed to forget about it. That check came from the Donald J. Trump charitable foundation (that is, from other people’s donated money), not from The Donald himself. This seems to have been typical. According to The Washington Post, more than a quarter of a million dollars from his charity went toward solving his own business woes, a violation of “self-dealing” laws. Madoff actually did donate money to charity. Okay, technically, it wasn’t his money either, but at least he had the decency to pretend it came from his own pocket.

  6. Madoff never ran for president.

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