February 8, 2017 Editor

Why We March: Reflections from Women’s Marches

photo above: Sean Talbot joined thousands of people marching in the rain in Portland, Oregon. See more of his photos from the day at Stumptown Lives.

On Saturday, January 21st, the day after Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States, millions of people gathered to voice their opposition to his platform and administration.

In the aftermath, demonstrators took to their blogs — we’ve gathered reflections and photos from those who marched.

an excerpt:

What the Women’s March Meant to a Man Who Stayed Home and Watched the Kids,” The Boeskool [BTW – this is a great Blog – on “Jesus, Politics, and Bathroom Humor”]

The writer of popular blog The Boeskool shared photos taken by his wife, who participated in a march in Nashville, Tennessee, and offered his thanks to her and all the other demonstrators.

So thank you, women who marched! Thanks to the men also –- both the ones who marched, and the ones who stayed home with the kids –- but thank you most of all to the women. Thank you for your strength and for your compassion and for the way you make the world better. Thank you for the voices that won’t be silenced. Thank you to those of you who are willing to be unapologetically in-your-face about demanding and preserving your rights. Thank you for letting my daughter see how many of you there are out there. Thank you to my wife for showing our kids every day that women are strong and feminism is totally kick ass. Thank you for filling me with hope.

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