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Alberta COVID party sends several people to hospital with virus

by Darcy Ropchan and News Staff

Posted Sep 23, 2021 7:23 am MDT

WN: A relative from the same general area in Alberta Canada as the story highlighted below, assured me: “No one’s sticking any of that stuff into my arm!” That’s one thing. And legitimate fear of the vaccines containing whatever is another:

  • that might cause adverse reactions (it has for some);
  • could cause problems in pregnancies (it has for some);
  • be too quickly and recently developed for safety to be assured (The US FDA issued a news release August 23, 2021 about Pfizer-BioNTech’s full approval of vaccine use);
  • that they send recipients to hospitals, even kill some (if so, I’ve yet to read about it from reputable sources).

But parties to get the virus–like chickenpox parties where children are intentionally exposed to that virus? Sheer folly! As University of Alberta virology expert Dr. Lorne Tyrrell says: “COVID-19 is much deadlier.”

One asks in consternation: Don’t they read the news?! One hears back: That’s all fake news! Or one wonders: Don’t they believe at least some of the chorus of experts?

As my same relative assures me, but won’t tell what his source(s) of “news” is/are: You can’t trust the corporate media . . . Yet he swears by the “alternative facts” he swallows whole(heartedly). (I consult regularly (in somewhat agreement with him) as well a few dozen non-corporate news sites. That’s why I receive endless donation requests! When I once asked my relative if he’d heard of those I listed, the answer was as expected: “No.” He couldn’t do the same with me.)

And so it goes. We live in a dystopian post-truth world where facts are broadly established mainly by pundits or politicians–or by Facebook Blogs1. Experts are not merely the last consulted: they are disbelieved from the get-go. Sigh . . .

In an article where I first read of this, one finds:

In Alberta, Canada, where some parts are like a conservative amalgamation of a US state called Texabama . . .


It appears natural selection is truly at work. Not sure whether to feel awful for Canada, or to feel awful for Canada AND feel slightly less ashamed since it is in more places than just the USA.

You may view the Alberta news story video (if it does not immediately open) by following instructions below. (It may open in some browsers immediately.)


EDSON, Alta. – A party west of Edmonton has landed several people in the hospital with COVID-19, sources have confirmed to CityNews.

And this was no ordinary party–it was a “COVID party”, where guests tried to intentionally get the virus to “build up natural immunity” without getting vaccinated.

One source told CityNews that the Edson party, which happened about two weeks ago, had sent some people to the local hospital. A number of Edmonton ICU cases also come from the party.

The gathering was similar to chickenpox parties where children were intentionally exposed to the virus, but University of Alberta virology expert Dr. Lorne Tyrrell says COVID-19 is much deadlier.

“It’s just unbelievable. And it’s very sad and very irresponsible to think you’d get good immunity from the virus without getting serious disease,” he said.

“[COVID-19] carries a mortality rate around two per cent but also we’ve got all the long-COVID people who’ve been infected and have had symptoms for a long period of time.”

The idea of natural herd immunity has been prevalent recently.

CityNews reached out to Alberta Health Services for comment on the Edson party, Edson case numbers, and concerns around intentionally contracting COVID-19.

“People who are hosting or attending these parties not only put themselves at risk of serious illness or death, but are adding stress to the health-care system, which in turn may prevent other Albertans from getting the care they need,” said the newly-appointed Alberta health minister, Jason Copping, in a statement.

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  1. Please see here and here; with more to follow.[]


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