Donald Trump could be making a big mistake hawking the “God Bless the USA” Bible to his MAGA supporters. Some of them might actually read it.

This latest grift might well flop, like Trump Steaks and those hideous gold-colored “Never Surrender” sneakers he’s trying to sell for $399. For its opportunistic timing alone — the rollout is happening during Holy Week, the most sacred time on the Christian calendar — the Bible venture deserves to be smitten by a wrathful marketplace.

If the MAGA faithful do buy those Bibles and look inside, however, they will find myriad reasons to forsake their profoundly flawed political hero.

Of course, the commandments are found in the Old Testament, where God’s judgments can be harsh and definitive. The New Testament tells us that we all are sinners — and that we all can be saved.

That is the theological basis on which Trump’s unlikeliest loyal followers — evangelical Christians and their pastors — justify looking past the way Trump scoffs at so many of the Bible’s instructions. Yes, he is far from perfect, they tell themselves; but like all of us, he can find salvation through Jesus Christ. As we give him our campaign contributions and our votes, we can also pray for his redemption.

Evangelical voters — and their pastors, who presumably know in detail what the Bible says — have effectively suspended their belief in Jesus’ words. They cite Trump’s willingness to lead their crusade against abortion, although that is one issue Jesus never addressed.

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