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Can the Coronavirus and the Stock Market Meltdown Break America’s Addiction to Fantasy?

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March 18 2020, 9:14 a.m.

WN: Such a telling article! Added to all other epithets about Trump such as Ugly-American-in-Chief, Liar-in-Chief, Buffoon-in-Chief, Narcissist-in-Chief, Ignoramus-in-Chief, World-Enemy-in-Chief, is Fantasizer-in-Chief.1 America will never become “White Again”. Such days are forever gone–regardless of Trump’s short-lived success to the contrary. . .

Please also see: “Covid Catastrophe: Trump Fiddles While America Burns“. In it, we read of “Moral Midget” Trump:

The world is facing a cataclysm, but the plastic man, our reality-TV president, is still more interested in posturing and preening, in beating up on his favorite targets, than doing the hard work of navigating through this crisis.


After President Donald Trump’s press conference on the new coronavirus on Friday, he triumphantly sent supporters a signed chart showing the Dow Jones Industrial Average going up sharply as he spoke.

On the one hand, this was hilarious, since on Monday, the Dow had its second-worst day in history. Trump did not send out any signed charts about this.

On the other hand, this should terrify everyone. Even now, the president of the United States is lost in a fantasy world. Even worse, Trump’s fantasy is shared by many Americans. In this imaginary world, we can all get rich if the little flickering numbers on our iPhone’s Stocks app go up. It’s therefore also a disaster if the little numbers go down.

In reality, America’s stock market wealth was always a mirage, one which we now see dissolving in front of us. It’s dangerous for us to hope it will reappear, because it’s a distraction from the real world that we have to focus on more than ever.

The good news — if there is any — is that this is an opportunity. As the stock market inevitably plunges further, we can use this moment to discard our fantasies about it — and then let go of the many other dangerous delusions that plague America, in our thinking about everything from health care to government spending to war and peace.

This will be tough, given that the most powerful people in the country dreamed up these reveries in the first place because they find them so self-flattering and useful. They won’t want us to wake up. But we should give it a shot, because we’re literally dying in our metaphorical sleep.


— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 14, 2020

In reality — the same place where we have bodies and can be killed by the coronavirus — the stock market run-up during Trump’s presidency has been generally irrelevant or even bad for most of us. And its fall will be irrelevant or even good.

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  1. I held off calling Trump Unfeeling-Idiot-In-Chief until I read this article: “Oligarchs Are Running the White House’: Trump Called Wall Street, Hedge Fund Titans Just Before ‘Back to Work’ Remarks“. History will judge Trump and his oligarchical minions (or the other way around?) for the Outrageous National Tragedy he is. But potentially in the meantime millions of lives will be sacrificed to Mammon Moloch. Please also see: “Healthcare Workers Are At War, But Trump Isn’t on Our Side“, by Dr. Mike Pappas.[]


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