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Best of TomDispatch: Nick Turse, From the Missing Archives of a Lost War

Posted by Nick Turse and Tam Turse at 5:02pm, May 29, 2016.

an excerpt from the introduction:

On this Memorial Day weekend dedicated to remembering those who died in America’s wars, TomDispatch brings back a powerful 2008 Nick Turse piece about two civilians, two Vietnamese, who did not, in fact, die in the long ago American conflict in their country, but did lose parts of themselves. We hope that this will serve as a reminder over the holiday not just of the Americans who lost their lives in wars — from Vietnam to Iraq — that undoubtedly should never have been fought, but of the civilians of those countries who suffered in ways that we generally preferred not to think about half a century ago and that largely don’t concern us on America’s battlefields of the present day.

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