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Trump’s Massive Corruption Exposé

Trump’s Massive Corruption Exposé

Trump Imperils the Planet (Enzo Pérès-Labourdette)

WN: The sooner the All-In-One Ultimate Ugly American, Planet Enemy Number One and Supreme Narcissist is off the World Stage, the more safely we can all breathe again… Not that the brutal American Empire will fall because of Trump’s exiting Stage Alt-Right. But it’s for the moment a good start…  

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Dear friends,

He put children into cages, pulled out of the Paris climate deal, and could launch a nuclear war any day with the tip of his finger.

But the worst thing about Trump might be the giant web of corruption that’s fueled his power. A bombshell New York Times report has just exposed how his family built an empire off tax dodging and outright fraud — and it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Investigations in the UK, Netherlands, and Canada have brought to light other potentially massive scandals involving Trump, his family, or his organisations. But prosecutors aren’t moving, likely afraid of the furious response from Trump himself. If they did, their findings could fuel the US investigations, and give Congress evidence of Trump’s widespread corruption.

But in order to move, these prosecutors need an unprecedented public push. Sign now, and once we reach 1 million, we will make them famous in their respective countries with ad campaigns, news stories and actions outside their offices.

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This is big. Mounting evidence indicates hundreds of millions in crazy money laundering schemes and tax fraud that could unravel Trump’s whole business empire.

An investigation of Trump’s ties to Russia is underway in the US, led by prosecutor Robert Mueller. He’s known to be tough and independent, but faces a number of political challenges — evidence uncovered internationally could be the deciding factor of Trump’s fate. 

The Avaaz community is the only global movement big, flexible and tenacious enough to take the investigations against Donald Trump across the globe — and make sure that no one, not even the US President, is above the law.

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This is not going to be an easy fight for us as citizens or for our governments. But if anyone can make it happen, it’s this community. Our movement picks hard things… and wins. In a time of rising authoritarianism, let’s stand up to the biggest bully of them all before it’s too late.

With hope and fierce determination,

Emma, Nell, Danny, Meetali, Marigona, Andrew, Olivia, Anneke with the entire Avaaz team

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