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As Trump Carves Path of Destruction, Nader Asks Obama: Where Are You?

While list of programs and rules under attack grows, a call for former president to fight back against “Trump-led assault on our weakening democracy”

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photo above: President Obama and president-elect Trump in the Oval office on November 10, 2016. Picture: Pablo Martinez Monsivais/APSource:News Corp Australia

WN: Ralph Nader, and millions of others astoundingly hold to the complete myth that Obama ever cared  for others than himself and his family.

Please see: “Obama: a Hollow Man Filled With Ruling Class Ideas. Please also see several articles about Obama here1. I’d love to receive a correction about Obama. Sadly, my hopes for him are no higher than for Trump!

an excerpt:

But [Ralph] Nader observes that the problem isn’t merely that Obama is remaining silent in the face of Trump’s full-scale rollback of crucial protections for workers and the environment. The crucial issue is that the former president is all-too accessible to precisely the wrong crowd.

“Obama, besides raising funds for his presidential library (about $1 billion), is getting press primarily for being paid $400,000 or more per speech before Wall Street and other big business audiences,” Nader writes. “Most recently, the New York Times located him in Sao Paulo, Brazil, speaking generalities to businesspeople who were charged from $1,500 to $2,400 to hear him say essentially nothing of note.”

“Meanwhile,” Nader adds, “tens of millions are without living wages or health insurance…. Under Trump, families will be exposed to more hazards in the workplace, the environment, and the marketplace, and they will face rip-offs by companies that have been liberated from regulatory law and order.”

Any of these facts by themselves, and particularly all of them combined, should be more than sufficient to provoke Obama to burst his “self-enriching bubble,” ditch political decorum (and Wall Street), and return to the public sphere on the side of those fighting back against Trump’s destructive agenda.

“Think of your millions of supporters, Mr. Obama,” Nader writes in closing. “They want you to regularly stand up for them and fight the Trump-led assault on our weakening democracy.”

Please click on: Obama’s Self-Enrivhing Silence

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  1. Please also see the posting that discusses the Black Christian prophetic tradition, and the controversy with Obama’s former pastor, Jeremiah Wright.[]
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