Donald Trump’s Fixer Says the President Engaged in a Criminal Conspiracy to Sway the 2016 Election

August 22, 2018
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August 22, 2018 Editor
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That’s impeachable.

  1. [1]This article gives full details.

    And as another article rather definitively puts it:

    Whatever legal and political consequences ensue, Trump voters should know that they cast their ballot for a man who has lied to them all along, even about a felony that would help him win the 2016 election. A nickname that pithily distilled his behavior would be “Crooked Donald.” America cannot be great again so long as he corrupts its presidency, poisons its discourse with lies, shows disregard for the authority of its laws, and sets an example of mendacious debasement for its children.

    One wonders who will begin the chant: “Lock him up!”

    Here is the blow-by-blow of the extended lying by Trump et al. re. his affair with Stormy Daniels: “Trump lied about Stormy Daniels, from the Fact Checker“.

    And here to date (August 26, 2018) is indication that Trump’s “wall of secrecy” is going down amongst numerous law suit/criminal investigation probes: “He can’t get rid of any of this’: Trump’s wall of secrecy erodes amid growing legal challenges“.

    While it’s all very sad, one can only hope and pray that Trump’s even greater wall of impervious narcissism built over a lifetime would begin breaking down, if there is any hope for the salvation of his soul — he who reads the Bible more than anyone — as he has claimed repeatedly (see for instance “Donald Trump: ‘Nobody Reads Bible More Than Me’ “).Trump is Exhibit A (if one accepts his claim — though clearly just another lie — see previous highlighted article) of the danger of reading the Bible with no intention whatsoever (“By their fruits…” (Matthew 7) ) of letting it change one’s behaviour.

    It is fair to observe that in fact everything Trump has been about erecting “dividing walls of hostility” more than anyone, in direct inversion of the work of Christ designed to destroy all such barriers (Ephesians 2:14). The Mexican Border Wall policy is utterly consistent with this man who on the world stage arguably most consistently exhibits all the qualities of anti-Christ/anti-Gospel. 

    I resonate with this depiction of Trump in “Trump, Corporate Media Are Both Enemies of the People“:

    Yes, Trump is a malignant racist, sexist, plutocrat and narcissist who is, in the words of former CIA Director John Brennan (more on him below), “drunk on power.” He’s a pathological liar, an arch-authoritarian, a consummate bully, a vicious dullard and a deadly agent of ecocide.

    Trump is so narcissistic he couldn’t even mention the passing of the magnificent singer Aretha Franklin without trying to make the story about him by claiming (falsely) to have known her “very well”  and that (as if the music legend had been his housekeeper) “she worked for me on numerous occasions.”

    The sooner this loathsome and dangerous Bad Grandpa is yanked off the center-stage of history, the better.

  2. [2]A spoof on what they might say: “If Trump shot Michael Cohen in broad daylight, here’s what Republicans would say“.

    And here in fact is what Kellyanne Conway (one of the bona fide infamous “deplorables”, in “CNN’s Cuomo clashes with Kellyanne Conway over Cohen hush-money payments“) claims about Trump’s lies, in Chris Cuomo’s words:

    “You should admit he’s lying, and you don’t, and that’s why people don’t trust you.” CNN’s @ChrisCuomo clashes with Counselor to the President @KellyannePolls over President Trump’s many lies: — Cuomo Prime Time (@CuomoPrimeTime) August 24, 2018

    And that folks, is prima facie doublespeak! — which when probed more deeply is Trump’s and his  “deplorables’ ” norm. Here is an article about the tally of Trump’s lies in his first 700 days as President: a whopping 7,546! Yet I have a relative who in response to such facts asks: But who is checking the fact checker? Impossible will to believe against all odds, otherwise known as completely brainwashed! Hence the joke about the man convinced he was dead who was given books to read by his doctor about the state of dead men. Upon the patient’s acknowledging the next doctor visit that dead men do not bleed, the doctor whips out a giant needle, stabs his arm, and blood splurts out. The patient looks at his arm askance, and declares: “Dead men do bleed after all!”

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