February 16, 2021 Editor

Not Everyone Was Surprised by the Attack on the Capitol

Black Americans and social justice workers are plenty familiar with mob violence, Rev. William Barber explains.

Crime and Justice

February 16, 2021

photo above: Rev. Dr. William Barber II at an interfaith service in 2020. Amy Katz/Zuma

WN: Dr. Barber together with his family are amazing civil rights activists and leaders. This interview is powerful!

excerpts from article about it:

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The January 6 attack on the Capitol was, for many Americans, an unthinkable and shocking attack on democracy. For the Reverend Dr. William J. Barber II, it was old hat.

“I was just screaming at the TV when people said, ‘We’ve never seen this but twice in America,’” Barber said in a conversation with Mother Jones earlier this month. “Are you out of your mind? Poor folk, Black folk, labor, people fighting for women’s suffrage, abolitionists all knew this mob violence, this attack on our bodies and sacred place.”

“What we saw, what the world saw,” he said, “was what finally happens when you seed racism and lies.”

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