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N.J. comedian’s riff on Trump’s coronavirus response goes viral

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WN: This outstanding riff on Trump’s Easter, God and Jesus sadly (for America, for Planet Earth) nails it! The memes too nail it about World-Loud-Mouth-in-Chief. Please also see the article highlighted below.


A New Jersey comedian’s dead-on impersonation of President Donald Trump vowing to move past the coronavirus crisis by Easter is going viral.

J-L Cauvin’s spoof of Trump has drawn nearly 3 million views since he created it and posted on Tuesday afternoon.

“It’s crazy. Sixteen years as a stand-up, and all it took was a global pandemic for me to finally break through,” Cauvin, 40, who recorded an album as Trump in 2017, told NJ Advance Media on Wednesday night.

Michael Moore first posted this meme.

Cauvin said he made the video in his two-bedroom apartment in Bloomfield at around 2 p.m. Tuesday. Cauvin was about to take his dog out for a walk when he received a text message about Trump’s improbable plan to get beyond the coronavirus and jump-start the economy in conjunction with Easter, April 12.

He said he immediately thought, “that’s probably going to be good,” and asked his girlfriend to watch his dog for two minutes.

“I try to strike while there’s an opportunity,” he said.

In the video, Cauvin — a lawyer turned comedian — mimics Trump’s mannerisms and word-salad delivery, while speaking in a voice nearly indistinguishable from the president.

Cauvin, as Trump, muses about firing Dr. Anthony Fauci — whose facepalm in response to Trump similarly went viral — two days before Easter on “Great Friday,” vows to improve the economy “toughly,” and ends by coughing loudly into his hand.

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