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All about COVID-19 with Physician and Writer Kevin Patterson

VIDEO: The conversation with the smart doctor you’ve been wanting to have. Speaking with Aletha Humphreys (Executive Director, Greenwoods Elder Care Society), Dr. Kevin Patterson praises other nations’ ‘massive’ testing and sweeping measures. ‘We’re going to do it sooner or later. Better to do it too soon rather than too late.’

David Beers March 16, 2020 |

David Beers is founding editor of The Tyee.

WN: Please click on the video below. It was created March 13 at the “Salt Spring Forum” on Salt Spring Island, one of the west coast Gulf Islands in British Columbia, Canada. The video is outstanding, highly informative, and wise; running about an hour and fifteen minutes. The description:

The next best thing [to talking with an informed physician] is to spend a calmly informing hour watching the video below.

Imagine if right now you could sit down and talk to a physician who is deeply versed in pandemics and a brilliant writer to boot. That would be Dr. Kevin Patterson. Except, wait, you might not want to sit down with Patterson. Because, you know, social distancing.

It was recorded Friday evening on Salt Spring Island where Patterson lives. Hosted by UBC professor Michael Byers for the Salt Spring Forum, Patterson converses with Aletha Humphreys, the executive director of Greenwoods Eldercare Society on Salt Spring.

Patterson practices medicine in Nanaimo, on the west coast of Hudson Bay, and on Salt Spring. He specializes in general internal and critical care medicine, and his field includes the promotion of health and prevention of disease. Among the acclaimed books he’s authored is the novel Consumption, which focuses on diseases amongst the Inuit.

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