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Cartoon: Thanks, anti-vaxxers!

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Friday July 16, 2021

WN: This is brilliant–but so tragic! And so richly deserved!

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Tucker Carlson of Fox News fame is leading the anti-vaxxer charge among the right-wing Republican set. Never mind that 99.5% of people who died of COVID-19 in the last six months were unvaccinated.

Would you rather own the libs and die a horrible death or would you rather admit that science works and Joe Biden may be right when he suggests door-to-door vaccinations?

I really can’t believe we’re still having this conversation. It was one thing to refuse to wear a mask and take your chances — it’s another to refuse to take a safe and effective vaccine that will help reopen the economy and protect your life and keep you from accidentally infecting your loved ones with a deadly virus. Oh, and the best part is: taking that vaccine allows you to ditch that socialist mask in most settings!

Anything goes as long as it fits into the crazy new Republican ideology. (Truth be told, I am equally fed up with the leftie anti-vaxxer crew, although they aren’t the ones passing laws in state legislatures to discourage vaccinations.)

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