April 22, 2022 Wayne Northey

RJ World eConference 2022

Living Justice

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WN: This announces the RJ World eConference, April 23-30, 2022! It is the second. About the first, two years ago, you may view these posts:

Please read on for a description of this year’s. Please find also below presentations I’ve prepared: the first as a Keynote. The next develops at length penal abolitionism as crucial for the Restorative Justice field to embrace.

Invigorate your restorative work and your passion, as we celebrate how the movement has matured – transforming people, communities and systems worldwide. This gathering is designed to energise you with new findings, ideas and research. As you hear stories from other cultures and contexts, you will connect to the diversity of peacemaking traditions to refresh your creative core.

Interact with over 50 presenters in a private social network – April 23-30, 2022.

Delegates at the previous Conference have spoken of being re-inspired, challenged, amazed and energised. Here are some of the reflections that have come in. . .

Thank you so much for an amazing event!

Joakim Hope Soltveit, Norway

This was a space for people in different parts of the world to connect with restorative practitioners and academics of all levels of experience, including many people whose work I have deeply admired but never got a chance to engage with before.

Arti Mohan, India

The format was fantastic – I’m in Australia so a very different time zone to most. I really appreciated the opportunity to engage with so much of the content without having to get up in the middle of the night.

Jane Bolitho, Australia

The quality and variety of speakers was sensational.  I also appreciated that I could leave feedback on a presenter’s wall and read the feedback of others. The Chat Wall was almost like the chat over a cuppa at the break at a conference where important reflection time, sharing – and connecting with others occurs. It has been an amazing 10 days and my head is swirling with ideas but almost as important my soul has been fed.

Upneet Lalli, India

For more, please click on: RJ World eConference 2022

The first video is titled:

Western Criminal Law and the Re-Emergence of Restorative Justice

The next video is titled:

Restorative Justice: Peacemaking Not Warmaking; Transformative Justice: Penal Abolitionism Not Prison Reform

The paper above was first prepared for The Kenarchy Journal,1 March, 2021. It is a  fairly new British offering that is flagged as “a resource for a politics and theology of love.” My paper may be found here: Volume 2.6.

Following is my talk, based on the original. It is long, so don’t hesitate to have a coffee break once or more during it!

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