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Clark Pinnock Letters, June 14, 1991; October 9, 1991; October 22, 1991

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WN:When I lived for nearly two years in the basement of noted Evangelical scholar Clark Pinnock’s home, I was a student at Regent College (1974 – 1976). Clark was my mentor in occasioning two conversions:
1. that the Gospel had to do centrally with the social and political because it had to do centrally with relationships;
2. that the way of doing the social/political was the nonviolent way of the Cross.

These have remained unshakeable convictions ever since.

Clark went back on the content of my second conversion. I wrote to him about my concerns. He graciously met with me twice to hear me out.

Below are three letters I wrote him as part of that dialogue.

Clark was ever gracious. He died August 15, 2010. He is missed.

Please click on: Pinnock letter, June 14, 1991
Pinnock letter, October 9, 1991
Pinnock letter, October 22, 1991

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