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Israeli Ministers Throw Trump-Like Tantrums After U.N. Security Council Slam

Posted on Dec 27, 2016

By Juan Cole / Informed Comment

an excerpt:

He criticized President Obama:  “The heart aches that after eight years of friendship and cooperation with the Obama Administration — a friendship that did see some disagreements over the Iranian issue and other issues — this is the parting shot; a painful, unpleasant, unfair one.”

So let’s see.  Barack Obama sent George Mitchell out to negotiate between Netanyahu’s cabinet and the Palestine Authority of Mahmoud Abbas.  The Palestinians asked for a settlement freeze, otherwise it would be like negotiating over a pie while the other person was eating it.  Netanyahu got a settlement freeze, but then abruptly cancelled it in the fall just when the talks were getting started.  The Palestinians rightly felt disrespected and the talks began collapsing.  Netanyahu began announcing settlement expansion to coincide with the visit of high American officials, just to humiliate them.  Later on in another round of talks,  Secretary of State John Kerry was publicly insulted as “messianic” for trying to pursue the negotiations.  In the end they collapsed.  In the meantime, Netanyahu publicly humiliated President Obama on several occasions, lecturing him at a joint appearance at the White House, openly campaigning for Romney in 2012, and then trying to get Congress to derail Obama’s Iran negotiations.  Netanyahu actually ran the last time on the issue of no Palestinian state, and has made it clear he wants to send hundreds of thousands more Israelis into the Palestinian West Bank, where they will steal Palestinian land.

Steinitz and his colleagues have been about the most unpleasant supposed allies the US could possibly suffer with.  They successfully blunted Obama’s attempt at kick starting the peace process.  They want annexation, Apartheid, and colonization.  They are open about it.

Obama simply let the world body have a say on whether these crimes against humanity are acceptable.  They are not.

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