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Holding Forth


Below is a smattering of sermons preached and presentations made over the years. Fun to reminisce…



Violence, Peace, and the Cross, Regent College, April 8, 2008

Paul the Radical: Abbotsford Mennonite Fellowship, February 15, 2009

A Relational Journey With the Community: 10th Annual RJ Conference, Nov 16, 2006

John Chapter 9: Agassiz Christian Reformed Church, May 11, 2014

Barnabas: Langley Mennonite Fellowship, August 25 2002

Christianity and the Goat Factor: M2/W2, Crime, and a Christian Response: Cedar Valley Mennonite Church, April 17, 2005

The Craft of Forgiveness: Eden Mennonite Church, May 29, 2005

Volunteerism As Peacemaking: Ferndale Volunteer Appreciation – Oct 30 2001

Cry Justice!, Cry Healing!: First Mennonite Church of Greendale – April 2 2000

Cry Justice!, Cry Healing: Fleetwood CRC Feb. 20, 2005

Jesus, Suffering, Hope: Friendship Baptist Jan 26 2003

Jesus, Suffering, Hope: Friendship Baptist Jan 26 2003 – panel

Transformative Justice: Gladwin Heights United Church, January 11, 2004

The Work of Christ, the Work of Restorative Justice: Harrison Gospel Chapel – April 21,2002

Biblical Hermeneutics and the Picture of God: Harrison Gospel Chapel – January 18, 2004

Faith, Church, and Three Minorities: Christian Existence in the Third Millennium: Highland CC, April 18, 2004

Simple Living: Langley Mennonite Fellowship – Aug. 24, 2003

Healing and “Hope”: Langley Mennonite Fellowship – August 29, 2004

Loving Your Enemies : Langley Mennonite Fellowship – July 6, 2008

Heroes and Villains: Elizabeth Fry: Langley Mennonite Fellowship – March 15, 2009

‘Some of my best friends are in jail.’: Criminals and Reconciliation: Langley Mennonite Fellowship – May 7, 2006

“Lest We Forget”: Peace Sunday Sermon: Langley Mennonite Fellowship – November 9, 2008

Reversals: Langley Mennonite Fellowship – September 3, 2006

Mission and Story: New Life Community Church January 28, 2007

Is Violence Master of Us All?: Fight, Flight or Just Peacemaking: Philosophers’ Café – April 22 2001

A Halting Spiritual Quest, Three Minorities, and Restorative Justice: : Point Grey Fellowship, June 6, 2004

Reformation Sunday October 27, 2002

Restorative Justice – Pacific Institution, RJ Week, November 2005

A Conundrum and the Kingdom of God: Sardis Community Church, October 19, 2008

Seasons of Grace: Langley Mennonite Fellowship January 5 2003

Is Violence Master of Us All?: Christians and Peacemaking: South Langley MB April 22 2001

René Girard and Violence: South Langley MB April 29 2001

Transformative Justice Vision and Spirituality: South Langley MB May 6 2001

Is Violence Master of Us All?:Christians and Peacemaking: Panorama Christian Community, March 12 2000

Reflection on the Ministry of Education: Langley Mennonite Fellowship, June 16, 2002

Two Conundrums and the Kingdom of God: Trinity Western University, Nov. 14, 2005

Presentation on Restorative Justice Nov 29 1999 doc

Restorative Justice – ARPA, March 5 2005

Talk on Violence March 12 2000

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