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A Sesquincentennial Message from Jean Vanier

A Sesquincentennial Message from Jean Vanier

A Special Message From Jean Vanier¹

August 2, 2017

By Jean Vanier

WN: This I can celebrate!

Though he has lived in France for many years, and elsewhere in Europe before that, Jean Vanier remains as Canadian as delight at winter giving way to a new spring. His parents had a powerful impact on Canada’s emergence as a mature and independent country, and so it was natural for him to join in, even across the Atlantic, in the joyfulness surrounding the country’s 150th birthday party. But that joy, he reminded his fellow Canadians, comes from encountering each other with love. “Joy is when we meet people – not above them, not below them, but as children of God.”

¹Please click on Jean Vanier’s name where Footnote ¹ is found, for a wonderful tribute on the occasion of his having been awarded The Templeton Prize for 2015. There is so much posted there about his extraordinary, yet humble, life.

Please click on: A Special Message – where we read:

Enjoy this series of touching and uplifting messages from Jean Vanier, Companion of the Order of Canada and founder of L’Arche on the occasion of Canada’s Sesquicentennial Anniversary.

Below are the other messages – but full introductory text is on their website:

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