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Thank A Trained Killer Week, December 19 – 25, 2005

By Wayne Northey An excerpt: The week before Christmas south of the border has been designated “Thank a Soldier Week”. It may be dubbed as accurately “Thank a Trained Killer Week”.1 [American soldiers are not “evil”. All kinds of social, economic, and political pressures, not least ethically dubious recruitment methods, propel thousands to sign up. They become killers not because they started that way, but because they are so shaped by the military. See below.]…

We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us

talk by Jim Forest An excerpt: In the dawn of time, back in the fifties, my favorite comic strip concerned an assortment of animals living in Florida’s Okefenokee Swamp. The artist, a whimsical man named Walt Kelly, referred to them as “nature’s schreechers.” ... You may wonder why Jim Forest, who is supposed to be talking about “Following Christ in a Violent World,” is instead talking about a comic strip on the 1950s? The answer…

Mr. Harper, But Emperor Bush Has Nothing on At All!!!

By Wayne Northey Stephen Harper is a scary man. He is at best sycophant, at worst dupe, of the confidence racket called American Foreign Policy. There is a growing collection of articles on my computer about American Empire and “Emperor” George W. Bush. The assortment exceeds to the point of crescendo journalist Serge Schmemann’s agonizing in a recent New York Times article, in review of a mounting spate of publications on America: “Though I have…

Secret World of US Jails

By Jason Burke The Observer U.K. An excerpt: The United States government, in conjunction with key allies, is running an "invisible" network of prisons and detention centres into which thousands of suspects have disappeared without trace since the "war on terror" began. In the past three years, thousands of alleged militants have been transferred around the world by American, Arab and Far Eastern security services, often in secret operations that by-pass extradition laws. The astonishing…

Secret World of U.S. Interrogation

By Dana Priest and Joe Stephens Washington Post An excerpt: In Afghanistan, the CIA's secret U.S. interrogation center in Kabul is known as "The Pit," named for its despairing conditions. In Iraq, the most important prisoners are kept in a huge hangar near the runway at Baghdad International Airport, say U.S. government officials, counterterrorism experts and others. In Qatar, U.S. forces have been ferrying some Iraqi prisoners to a remote jail on the gigantic U.S.…


This is illustrative of all war. An excerpt: Above all, it is the premeditated attack on life, the human casualties, that make “the scourge of war” so horrible and dehumanizing. The first Gulf War in January-February, 1991, is a classic example of the human destructiveness of war as an end in itself. The Pentagon states it conducted 110,000 aerial sorties against Iraq in 42 days, one every 30 seconds, unleashing 88,500 tonnes of bombs. Iraq…

“Pardon Me?!”

"Pardon Me?!" A former friend, Lloyd Billingsley, years ago confidently told me that “the left” by definition is ideological, “the right” by contrast normal/normative. Such in turn ideological blindness still gobsmacks me. Lloyd is an intelligent man but profoundly doctrinaire, and like a close acquaintance, Lloyd sadly is highly unloving – even hateful – towards “liberals/progressives” of every kind. Such in fact is the black-and-white world of ideologues of every stripe: right, left, and centre.…

Onward, Moderate Christian Soldiers

By JOHN C. DANFORTH An excerpt: By contrast, moderate Christians see ourselves, literally, as moderators. Far from claiming to possess God's truth, we claim only to be imperfect seekers of the truth. We reject the notion that religion should present a series of wedge issues useful at election time for energizing a political base. We believe it is God's work to practice humility, to wear tolerance on our sleeves, to reach out to those with…

Wayne Northey

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