March 30, 2015

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Who Are the War Criminals?

Another now-and-then article. An excerpt: In Errol Morris’ 2003 film, The Fog of War, former U.S. Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, architect of the Vietnam War strategy, reminisces on lessons learned from his life, organized by Morris around issues of war. At one point, some detail has been gone into about the military campaign against Japan headed by Gen. Curtis LeMay, directly under whom McNamara served. That was after he had initiated incendiary bombing in Germany,…

When Billy Graham Planned To Kill One Million People

An excerpt: There's a piquant contrast in the press coverage across the decades of Billy Graham's various private dealings with Nixon, as displayed on the tapes gradually released from the National Archive or disclosed from Nixon's papers. I'll come shortly to the recent flap over Graham and Nixon's closet palaverings about the Jews, but first let's visit another interaction between the great evangelist and his commander in chief Back in April, l989 a Graham memo…

What Olympic Ideal?

By DANIEL MENDELSOHN An excerpt: So too, all too obviously, with Athena and Phevos, whose demotion from august divinities to harmless cartoons is, if anything, emblematic of the way in which our Games differ from those of the ancient Greeks. This is nowhere more true than in the very engine of the Games: the idea of competition itself. Strangers to Biblical notions of selflessness and neighbor-loving, the Greeks experienced their quadrennial festivals of raw and…

Western “Civilization” or Lessons on History and a Blind Eye

Another now-and-then article. An excerpt: We Westerners live in a civilization of vaunted global human rights and universal equality. The reality could not be further from the truth. “Western civilization doth protest too much, methinks” to paraphrase Shakespeare. Or to quote Mahatma Gandhi’s response to, “What do you think of Western civilization?”: “I think it would be a good idea”. Western civilization is erected not on a foundation of noble achievements of truth, justice and…

The Sickness of America, The Sickness of Humanity

Another now-and-then article. An excerpt: The “face of fascism” turns out to be my face and your face, unless we turn our faces individually and collectively towards the neighbour and enemy in relentlessly creative new embrace. The Gospel addresses this: “For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me and for the gospel will save it (Mark 8:35). There is evangelism without the Gospel: it is ubiquitous;…

The Mumbai Bombs, July 2006

July 12, 2006 21780 18th Ave. Langley BC V2Z 1P8 (604)533-9767 (home) (604)859-3215 (work) Dear Editor: Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Peter MacKay predictably was the pot that called the kettle black in (otherwise legitimately) condemning the bombing horror in Mumbai this week. Last July Prime Minister Tony Blair likewise as hypocritically called the London bombings “barbaric attacks.” On September 1, 1939, President Roosevelt similarly wrote to the major powers that aerial bombing of civilians…

Wayne Northey

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