March 21, 2015

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Sixtieth Anniversary of Hiroshima and The World Safe

This was a "what if" piece that when first published online several took to be in fact true... An excerpt: They said it would hasten making the world safe for democracy. It was novel and bold. British Joint Chiefs of Staff first floated it, and the Americans soon enough were convinced. The project, code named Operation Aztec, was launched by the Allies late in 1944. After all, the Germans started it by firebombing London… My…

A Partial List of Democides in the Last Hundred Years

Democide: "the murder of any person or people by a government, including genocide, politicide, and mass murder". While this is a partial list, Wikipedia contains an expanded list of Genocide here. The Most Dangerous Animal by David Livingstone Smith of course puts man at the top of the list. If there were a Last Judgment as Christians believe, how do you think our excuses would sound before that final tribunal? – Bertrand Russell, UNPOPULAR ESSAYS…

A Modest Proposal Lite

Another now-and-then article. An excerpt: In Western civilization, logic and ethics are usually mutually exclusive, while ideology and ethics are invariably bedfellows. Take Michael Ignatieff for instance, a great Canadian intellectual and current Liberal Party leadership hopeful. He salutes the United States as Empire-Lite (title of one of his books), and applauds its Nation-Building Lite program that encircles the globe. Mr. Ignatieff is doubtless a logical thinker. His views on violence however, typical of centuries-long…

Wayne Northey

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Wayne Northey

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