March 17, 2015

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The Spiritual Roots of Restorative Justice – Christianity

This paper was jointly written by Pierre Allard and me. It arose from a book publication by the same title as above (minus "Christianity"). The actual paper as it appeared in the book in part may be found here. The paper as I believe sent to the publisher's is below. An excerpt: Introduction “It is not as though Christianity has been tried and found wanting. It has been found hard and left untried2 [Ravi Zacharias.…

Is Violence Master of Us All?: Fight, Flight or Just Peacemaking

Philosopher’s Café: Legal Grounds Coffee House, Abbotsford, April 22, 2001; June 24, 2001 The host was the affable lawyer Gerry Palmer, quite well-known for his work with numerous non-profit organizations, and an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Business at the University of the Fraser Valley. It was fun doing this and the "Philosopher's Café" following, with the same title paper, but slightly longer. You may click on either below. An excerpt: Introduction “Violence is…

War, Police and Prisons: Cross-Examining State-Sanctioned Violence

Streams of Justice, September 28, 2009 WN: I was asked by the above-named Justice group to do this as part of a series. I never learn well to do such presentations to the right tailor length! You ma also find interesting my discussion of WAR and HELL. An excerpt: Introduction: Hiddenness of Scapegoat Mechanism We all know the story of the Emperor’s obstinate denial of reality, to the point of a public parade of sheer…

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