March 13, 2015

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René Girard: The Anthropology of the Cross as Alternative to Post-Modern Literary Criticism

This is definitely worthwhile reading! An excerpt: It is sometimes said that the post-modern age is the post-Holocaust age -- the age of humanity trying to comprehend the horrific depths of its own violence. Or is it? The post-modern age is also one that might be said to have become preoccupied with texts -- to the point of analyzing them down to the letters, the signs, of which they are constituted. If we can no…

Reflections on Capital Punishment

An excerpt: Christian support for capital punishment, like Christian participation in war, has known a majority Christendom approbation since the era of Constantine in the fourth century. This support has likewise dominated Western secular jurisdictions until the last century - a tragic Christian legacy of fear and vengeance! The church moved in the fourth century from «underdog» to «top dog» status. In moving into the political mainstream, there was the church’s resultant loss of compassionate…

The Sports Crowd is Untruth

This was written in response to the Vancouver Stanley Cup riot in 2011. An excerpt: Søren Kierkegaard wrote “The crowd is untruth.” René Girard saw it in the hidden uncouth: Scapegoating violence, originary, in all human cultures. It is all innocent fun say dominant culture vultures Of every sports win. Yet there lurks deeper Shame-faced, thumbs-ready, coliseumesque, sinister Geared up to erupt the violence of the untruth mob “Crucify him!” the crescendoing perennial sob Fickle…

Rediscovering Spiritual Roots: The Judeo-Christian Tradition and Criminal Justice

This was done in 1996 for a double issue of a U.S. journal, called (I think) The Justice Professional. I began and ended with the story of Claire Culhane who, though atheistic, so represented justice to me. A few peculiarities: the «» marks could not be replaced with quotation marks; and the Endnotes could not be changed from Roman numerals to regular numbers. An excerpt: As I write, May, 1996, Canada mourns the April 28…

All Allied/NATO Political Leaders Since World War II are Racist and Nepotistic

The rest of the title reads: (and so are their supporting constituents); OR: Tell Me it Isn’t So, and I’ll Tell You About 120,000 Civilian Bombing Deaths, August, 1945 in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and 5,000 Civilian Bombing Deaths, Fall, 2001, in Afghanistan; OR: What Do You Think of Western Civilization? – It Would Be A Great Idea! An excerpt: All Allied/NATO political leaders since World War II are racist and nepotistic (and so are their…

Punishment and Retribution: An Attempt to Delimit Their Scope in New Testament Thought

WN: I have loved this piece since the first time I read it decades ago! Preparing it as an "Occasional Paper" for publication by Mennonite Central Committee in 1990 led to a longstanding correspondence with Dr. Moule until his death. An excerpt: It is likely, I know, that many readers - perhaps most - will find themselves in disagreement with the radical thesis I am about to present. But my hope is that time will…

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