March 12, 2015

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Call For a Church Apology Vis À Vis Crime and Punishment

An excerpt: When Anselm of Canterbury wrote Cur Deus Homo (Why God Became Man) in the 11th century, the Church gradually changed the nature of the understanding of God, salvation, grace, law, sin, and crime. God became increasingly a “sentencing Judge”, salvation became something earned, sin, crime and law became separated from their natural settings of mercy and grace. Sin was changed into something so terrible, it evoked the most destructive imaginable wrath of God…

Politics and Religion in the Thought of Ivan Illich

This paper is on David Cayley's website here. You may read about David Cayley's website here. David has broadcast and written about Ivan Illich numerous times. He is currently (2015) working on yet another book on him. An excerpt: One could say a lot more about the segregation of the secular from the religious in the modern world, and about the fateful imperial reorganization of other civilizations and cultures along these lines during the colonial…

Clark Pinnock Letters, June 14, 1991; October 9, 1991; October 22, 1991

When I lived for nearly two years in the basement of noted Evangelical scholar Clark Pinnock's home, I was a student at Regent College (1974 - 1976). Clark was my mentor in occasioning two conversions: 1. that the Gospel had to do centrally with the social and political because it had to do centrally with relationships; 2. that the way of doing the social/political was the nonviolent way of the Cross. These have remained unshakeable…

An Open Letter to Prime Minister Jean Chrétien

The letter here speaks for itself. It was written in 2002. What Harper is currently doing (2015) is far worse: "enemizing" the other in the name of security (internally towards criminals, externally towards Muslims or whomever), effecting in fact the inverse. Harper and current government policy is arguably the greatest long-term threat there is to Canadians' security. Please click on: Open letter to Chrétien October 17, 2002

Jesus, Evangelicals, and American Empire

"Empire" by nature is gargantuan evil. There is none known to history that has not been such. Most American Evangelicals and conservative Roman Catholics amongst other religious instinctively oppose thinking the United States is precisely such an Empire. Billy Graham and a host of lesser religious routinely prayed for Empire victory since Empire ascendancy after World War II. This paper discusses the phenomenon in brief. An excerpt: The Jewish-Christian story culminates in the displacement of…

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