March 2, 2015

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The Sex Offender as Scapegoat

WN: It was my longstanding friend and colleague Hugh Kirkegaard (currently (2018) and for some years Director of Chaplaincy, Correctional Services Canada) who inspired and co-authored this paper; and had worked closely in Toronto with Bobby Oatway. He arranged for CSC funding for us to attend the COV&R (Colloquium on Violence and Religion) Conference at Emory University, Atlanta in 1999, where we presented on what was turned into the paper below. It has been translated,…

The Criminal Justice System and “Criminal” Justice

This is a true story in which in 2000 we intervened on behalf of a friend, with names changed or removed. The first part was a letter sent to two police officers; the second part an attached reflection. They never responded. They were also never heard from again in relation to this friend. Did they mend their ways? No idea! It is entitled so because too often, the justice system is indeed criminal itself! Excerpts:…

Christians! – Don’t You Just Love to Hate ‘Em?

I might not have written this today... But there is irony in the piece, and some names could be updated to fit similar current circumstances... An excerpt: I’m glad in our apoplectic politically correct world it’s still open season on Christians. Jews, Aboriginals, Blacks, etc. – not a chance! But Christians! Problem is – I am one. But not one of those! (Bruce Cockburn). Fact is, I applaud the open season. I say it’s well-deserved…

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